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Mannakin Salvage

Formed on a sunny Valentines day in 2008 we are avid collectors of mannequins. We have enjoyed much growth since that day and are proud to have great relationships and friendships with loyal customers throughout the fashion, music, film and exhibition industries.

Our speciality is providing mannequin hire for short term events – one day press shows and exhibitions although we do supply our collection for events and happenings of all kinds ranging from publicity stunts to extras on set. We offer both short and long-term rental.

Every one of our mannequins goes through a detailed reconditioning after each booking so they are delivered to our next client in tip top condition by default, but we do have a collection of festival goers – more suited to backgrounds in music videos or as decoration on stage.

We boast a small collection of new quality mannequins for sale and offer renovation and recycling services for when mannequins need to change colour or have come to the end of their cause.

Our in-house artists can perform full mannequin renovations as well as changes of poses, heads and colours, make up and wigs.

We are logistics specialists and deliver all over the country with specific, tailored logistics within London and operate from a wonderful base in rural Lincolnshire.

Please do feel free to contact us with news about your latest project or last minute demands. We are really looking forward to hearing from you.