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I want to tell you about something about creative me. I can’t follow the crowd. I’m not even interested in being like others.

Whatever I have done in my life I have done it differently.

I’ve done all sorts of things in my career, from Estate Agency, to Horse Riding Instructor, Company Accountant and Marketing Ace for a major truck brand, not forgetting my years in retailing African Art.

Now I find myself living this incredible life with a yard full of dollies. I look at the mountain of piled up mannequins and it amuses me. To others it might look like a pile of old tosh, but to me…

Richard Wakefield is a photographer based in Oxford. He came along to Mannakin Mountain with model Amy on a cloudy day and did his thing. When he said he’d send some shots over for me to use and having known how that day was weather wise – I was totally amazed with the results.

This makes me smile – I love seeing the astounding visuals that come out of, what I remember as, a very cloudy day.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Wishing you all a great day ahead.

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