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Nestled in the quaint village of Fulbeck, Lincolnshire, Mannakin Hall stands as a testament to time, history, and the mysteries of the unknown. Once a Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Force base during the fierce days of World War II, this venue, built around 1940, now beckons paranormal enthusiasts to uncover its secrets.

Meet Our Resident Spirits

  • Trevor: A spectral presence who identifies as ‘Trevor’, who is known to communicate with those who seek him out.
  • Joshua: He doesn’t mind talking and will thank you for your respect.
  • Gladstone: The vigilant night watchman who’s not shy to make an appearance, even on camera.
  • The Mysterious Airman: Beware! He might warn you off this ‘secret air base’ by telling you to GET OUT. The chilling radio chatter echoing through the corridors might just send shivers down your spine.

Venue Details & Amenities

  • Size: Spanning over 6,000 sq ft, Mannakin Hall is spacious yet intimate.
  • Facilities: Equipped with a kitchen, toilets, and seating areas to ensure your investigation is comfortable.
  • Visual Experience: Prepare for a heart-pounding experience as you navigate through the rooms and grounds filled with 15,000 mannequins as it is now home to Mannakin, a company that hires and saves mannequins. The eerie ambiance they create is unmatched and adds a unique cinematic layer to your paranormal investigation both on and offline.

Booking & Pricing

Dive deep into the mysteries of Mannakin Hall. Pricing is detailed in our Terms & Conditions. Remember, we welcome all, but we ask for respect towards our spectral residents and the rich history they represent.


  • “Our night at Mannakin Hall was electrifying! The mannequins add an eerie touch, and we even caught a glimpse of Gladstone. Highly recommended!” – Sarah M., Paranormal Investigator
  • “The radio chatter, the chilling encounters, and the ambiance of Mannakin Hall make it a top destination for any paranormal enthusiast. A night to remember!” – James H., Paranormal Investigator
  • “In my opinion this location is one of the most paranormally active I have witnessed in 22years. The location is full of honest history, mystery and remembrance. Listen out for MR BOOTS. RAF Fulbeck is a Gem of a location. Treat it well and it will deliver surprises.” – Paul Drake – Paranormal Investigator

Respect the Unknown

At Mannakin Hall, we believe in respecting our resident spirits and the stories they hold. We urge all our guests to approach with an open heart and a respectful demeanour. No alcohol to be consumed during investigations. 18 years and over. Spiritual clearances or any claim of any kind of weird possessions are strictly forbidden.

Book Your Paranormal Investigation

Dare to uncover the mysteries of Mannakin Hall? Secure your spot and embark on a journey through time, history, and the unknown.



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Cover Photo by Ray Harrington on Unsplash