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Frequently asked questions

Are the mannequins easy to assemble?

Yes, suprisingly so. We have a guide [click here] for this, but feel free to call us if you are having issues.

How do the mannequins arrive?

Depending on the quantity, they usually arrive via our trusted courier network APC-Overnight. They offer a by 9am, by 10am, by noon or a by 4pm service and are priced accordingly. If the quanity of mannequins warrants it, we use a dedicated delivery for your order.

Will the mannequins be boxed?

Yes, they always arrived boxed. You just need to unbox and assemble them.

Can the mannequins wear shoes?

Yes they can, although not all of the ones we stock. We suggest a size 7 for female and an 11 for male. This is actually a bigger size than the measurement of the mannequins foot, but you need the shoe a bit bigger so that you can get the shoe on a rigid foot.

Are the mannequins fire retardent?

We do not have a standard fire certificate for the mannequins. They do not possess any electrical components and therefore are unlikely to be the source of ignition. However, if the clothing they wear were to be in flames, that could provide the ignition needed for them to light and catch fire. In a similar way if exposed to too much heat, ie next to a naked flame or faulty electrical light that overheated, then they could set alight. They are unlikely to do so by themselves – they need a fire source next to them and on them – increasing their temperature – for them to catch fire.

I’ve ordered 2 bust mannequins but only 1 box has arrived

To save on costs we often ship dressmakers dummies and tailors dummies in twos. Therefore please do check inside the box if you’ve ordered 2 busts but only 1 box has arrived.

What time will the mannequin arrive?

Any of our mannequins could arrive between 8am and 5pm (7pm was our latest ever courier delivery in central London on a Friday) so do make sure you’ve asked for delivery to an address where someone will be. If you’ve asked for a specific time delivery, IE by 9am, 10am or noon and your mannequin has not turned up, let us know immediately as we have an excellent relationship with our network of drivers and can give you an update. Call us on 07757513584 if this is the case.

I’ve set the mannequin up but it’s leaning back on its stand

This will happen if the mannequin has been moved a lot whilst on its stand – for example when dressing the mannequin. Remove the mannequin and re-tighten the foot peg in either the glass or wooden stand supplied.