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Mannakin Museum

We have this amazing idea that we would like to share with you…

Over the past twelve years I have been lucky enough to handle over 40,000 mannequins through our base in Lincolnshire. Not only have we provided an unrivalled mannequin hire service to clients from all over the world, and turned unwanted dummies into amazing art projects – we have also collected samples of each and every mannequin that has passed through our hands.

We want to share this collection with you through the idea of a ‘Mannakin Museum’.

In order to get this going, we have some costs ahead of us – costs that we hope to recoup through visitors and Museum memberships. If you would like to get involved either with help putting the collection together, becoming a member or anything you can think of – please stay tuned to our newsletter so that we can keep in touch as the project develops.

We will combine the museum with workshops and a cafe area.

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101 Uses For A Mannequin


If you enjoy finding other uses for mannequins – why not join our challenge group on Facebook? Here is the link –

  1. Weeping Angel from Dr Who Weeping Angel - Dr Who - Blink
  2. Bird Woman by Banksy at Dismaland Bird Lady Mannequin at Dismaland
  3. Glitter Ball Mannequin for On Off at London Fashion Week
  4. The Farriers Apprentice
  5. Front Row Floozies – Coco de Mer Windows for London Fashion Week Coco de Mer Windows
  6. Pete and Nicky at Manouche
  7. At Arms Length – perfect help for social distancing >> Keep You At Arms Length
  8. Yazoo Album Cover – Mannakin Supplied Them Yazoo Album Cover
  9. The Original Arm Chair! via @mernpunk on FB & Instagram
  10. Bug Hotel (Click on image for tutorial) How to make a mannequin bug hotel
  11.  Find Them In The Club – Jessica McLean Mannequins in a Night Club
  12. Book Ends by Dawn Williamson >>
  13. Mermaid Masthead by @mernpunk
  14. Home Made Astronaut Home Made Astronaut
  15. Visitors Book – Great idea for a wedding or party too.
  16. On set with Armstrong & Miller
  17. Child Soldier Guarding Fridge of HeadsHalloween Ideas
  18. Typists Table by Cheryl Neve
  19. Jump Fillers @ Tinderbox Sport Horses
  20. Mannequin at the Science Museum, London
  21. Aviation Show Display
  22. All hail Limby, Overseer of the Onions, Bird Scarer and Life Style Judger of those what congregate in groups of more than 1. Thanks Richard!
  23. Scarecrow to Protect the Pheasants
  24. Mannequin Head Handbag by Dawn Williamson Mannequin Head Handbag
  25. Sports Shop Window Display
  26. Soap Holder in Bathroom
  27. Climate Strike Kids
  28. Merchandise Display at Royal Windsor for Musto
  29. Shoe Display Shoe Shop Display
  30. Hungry Snowman Effect
  31. Torso Cabinet by Dawn Williamson
  32. Travel Buddies Travel Buddies
  33. Alcohol Awareness Week or Basically March April May June 2020
  34. Press Day Mannequins Press Day Mannequin Hire
  35. Dressing Table Jewellery BustDressing Table Jewellery Bust
  36. Wall Plaque by Dawn Williamson
  37. Wicked Witch of the East Legs by Dani Thompson
  38. Seasons Band – Getaway – Music Video – Shot at Mannakin
  39. A Drinks and Nibbles Bum Table (Thank you Sylvia)
  40. Bird box Bird Houses Mannequin Bird Box
  41. Baby Lamp Base by @mernpunk on Instagram
  42. Crash Test Dummy
  43. Elf on the shelf (life-size version) Elf on the Shelf
  44. Soap dish by sink for that all important hand washing
  45. Park your bicycle Park Your Bicycle
  46. Skateboarding Girls
  47. Dummy pin bowling Ten Pin Bowling
  48. Spirit Wrestlers / Little Typists Video
  49. Bare bum butler Bare Bum Butler
  50. Jewellery Display for Omerta Jewellery >>
  51.  Illuminated Torso 1 (Add Fairy lights inside) Mannequin Lamp
  52. Ghost Mannequin (Packshot Photography) Female Ghost Mannequin
  53. Dolls House (Crime Scene) Dolls House - Crime Scene
  54. Herbie Hancock – Rockit – Music Video
  55. Papier Mache Bust Project
  56. Illuminated Torso 2 (small strip light inside vs light bulb) Mannequin Lamp
  57. Halloween Surgery Mannequins at Halloween
  58. BBC Radio Nottingham PresenterBBC Radio Presenter
  59. Killer Whale Trainer (Dismaland) Dismaland
  60. Use as a base for sculpture
  61. Artist Mark Jenkins – an amazing use of mannequins
  62. Game of Thrones
  63. Casandra by Dawn Williamson
  64. Mannequin Leg Lampstand Mannequin Leg Lampstand
  65. Hold a TV Interview
  66. Store your Cosplay Outfit Cosplay Costume
  67. Life Drawing Life Art Drawing Classes
  68. Fake Dead Body –  used in our We’ve Found A Body Escape Room Game
  69. Baby Head Planter – follow @mernpunk on Instagram
  70. Ryan Roche Pop Up at Harrods
  71. A Friend for your Elephant
  72. Whiskey Distillery Drunkard
  73. Press Day Cyclist
  74. Carries Grave – Thank you Beth Wheatley
  75. Richard Wakefield Photography – Unique Backdrop
  76. Fake Pregnancy
  77. HOYS Display for Musto
  78. Shop Assistant
  79. Relieve Boredom When Shopping
  80. Hire a Van – Fill it with Mannequins
  81. Art Installation – Coming out of the trees
  82. Astronaut at the Science Museum London
  83. Exhibition Hire Mannequins
  84. Head Planter by Sarah Mannequin Plant Pot
  85. ITV Set Design
  86. Operation Cue (1955) Featuring Mr & Mrs America
  87. Posh Scarecrows! Image from @Arable_Farmer on Twitter (thank you)
  88. DIY 25th Birthday Party – thank you Katy, Pete, Tim & Chrissie for images
  89. Hat Stand by Dawn Williamson
  90. Christmas Tree by Wijnand De Groot Mannequin Christmas Tree
  91. Sitting Bird Feeder by Myra Webb
  92. Dartboard by Dawn Williamson – just add lager and pork scratchings… Mannakin Dart Board
  93. Customers in a Restaurant – Social Gathering! Article >>
  94. Thanking the Bin Men during Lockdown – Thank you Roger & Dot!
  95. Mannakin Book Holder
  96. Cyborg for a charity Halloween event – thank you David for sending us this!
  97. Art Lamps by Melanie Winning Link >>
  98. Screaming-Mandrake
  99. Bird Bath
  100. Mr Illuminated
  101. Mannequin Hand Charging Station – by Michael Davie >>
  102. Kim In The Allotment – Thank you to Mike Adams!
  103. Ashtray Prop from ‘The Walking Dead’ – Michael Davie



In April 2020, we launched the hashtag #mannakin101 across social networks to procure 101 uses for a mannequin, a list compiled by us and our followers. Here we are with the latest list – in no particular order. Click here for an interesting range of mannequins – all available now for your ideas and projects. Or send us a challenge and we will give it a go!

Submit your idea to #mannakin101

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Research & Development Feb 20

When I set out on this bizzare task of recycling mannequins – I was interviewed in depth by one of the Dragons of the Den. The best advice he gave me was to find more ways to use mannequins.

In my latest attempt, artist Dawn Williamson and myself have made a stress busting game, that can happily sit in any office. Stay tuned for more news, but here are our first attempts.

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Mannequins For Sale

When searching for a mannequin to buy – what should you consider first? Here are our top 5 tips to help you decide how to purchase a mannequin.

1. What do you need a mannequin for?

There are a variety of mannequins available, from cheap and cheerful and fit for just a few uses to those that stand the test of time. Therefore, before you buy something – think about what you will need it to do. A cheap £30 job off the Internet probably comes with poor reviews and likely to end up in landfill within a month – might be good because it is cheap. But if you want your mannequin to have any kind of longevity, you are better off investing a bit more money (in some cases quite a lot) to ensure that the mannequin has the durability to be undressed and redressed month after month – even years.

2. When do you need the mannequin to arrive?

Most outlets provide the quick next day option – but if you want quality – you can be waiting for up to 3 months, depending on where the mannequin is being manufactured.

3. Which type should I choose?

This really depends on budget as the fuller bodies will cost more than the ‘body on a stick’. Once you actually start to look at all the types of mannequins – you will be suprised at just how many there are. Our mannequin hire catalogue is a good place to start, if only to learn about the different kinds.

4. Is there such a thing as a recycled mannequin?

Yes there is! Our ethos totally thrives on recycling mannequins and sustaining and keeping good the mannequins we (mainly) hire. But we also supply a fantastic range of ex-hire mannequins for sale. All mannequins are recycleable because of the nature of their raw material – it does not biodegrade. If you are throwing any mannequins out in the trash – best think again – just like we all are now with all our ‘rubbish’.

5. Where can I get the best advice about buying a mannequin?

Well if we didn’t say via our contact form then we would be lying through our teeth. We have years of experience and so many mannequins pass through our hands each week. We are always happy to chat and see where we can help you best.


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How Pop Up Shops Are Changing Retail

Retail needs an overhaul. I’ve been saying this for a while now. Like anything really – it all goes a bit stale until the next craze comes into play.

Aside from having a bricks and mortar shop – it was being online with a website that changed and is still changing retail. The traditional high streets are a mass of charity, phone and coffee shops. Once you know your high street, it is pretty much done and abandoned unless mundane tasks are the order of the day.

Pop up shops however are far more exciting. You can potentially leverage your planning skills into your own event that cements the relationship between physical shop, online presence and your tribe of customers.

We are totally geared up and dedicated to helping achieve these plans and of course our mannequins are very willing to help.

I’d like to compile a guide to creating a pop up shop. If you are a company or individual working in this field and would like to be included, please get in touch.