Drive Through Body Part Heist

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£50.00 15 minutes

Please check the diary below to book in. And please read the rules below also, so that you know what sort of fun awaits you!

You are welcome to take photographs in front of the mountain, when you are done.


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We are based in Lincolnshire just 4 miles off the A1. We are open at select times for you to pick up mannequin body parts for your amazing artistic creations, garden sculptures and gory halloween stuff.

  1. This offer includes body parts equivalent to 5 full bodied mannequins. This is to make it fair for others coming to heist behind you.
  2. A 15 min appointment equals about 1 metre square volume to body parts, thats a builders bag full or about 5 full bodied mannequins.
  3. Fill your car boot up to an estate car boot size without seats down. We notice some boots are very small which in this case seats down is acceptable. Remember volume is 1 metre square for £50.
  4. We are on site to guide vehicles, but will not be helping you load.
  5. Wear wellies, bring bin liners as it has been raining and body parts, due to their hollow nature, often contain water. We do not want them to leak in your car.
  6. You can bring a cordless drill to let water out.
  7. No climbing on the mountain, you must take bits in easy reach.
  8. Pick bits easily and carefully, you must not cause an avalanche.
  9. As you come round the road to park, keep to the left as far as you can in the event that mannequins fall down.
  10. You are advised to wear gloves and head protection.
  11. 1 ticket per vehicle. If your vehicle is large and you’d like a greater quantity, think 1 appointment is £50 and 1 metre square in volume. If you want to calculate larger loads, use the visual of a builders bags worth per appointment.
  12. Entry is strictly at your own risk, we will not be held liable for any accidents as a result of your participation.
  13. As we are a commercial yard, children under 16 must stay in the car please.
  14. No toilets or refreshments on site, it’s a heist remember?
  15. We sometimes live stream the event, but will let you know and seek your permission before filming.
  16. We often get asked about hands. You are welcome to hands but there is a limit of 5 pairs per customer along with other parts. Under no circumstances whatsoever will you be able to fill your car boot with hands. Please don’t ask. 
  17. You are welcome to park up out of the way once finished and take some pictures in front of the mountain. If you’d like to do a photo shoot on the whole site, click here and if you want to stay overnight in your campervan click here.

Basically, to keep us all safe and abide by the rules, one vehicle in front of the mountain at one time will be permitted. Upon entry you will be directed as to where to go. Until you get right round to the mountain, nothing is for sale, it is only the mountain that we are selling from. Do not get out of your vehicle until instructed when we will park you up in front of the mountain and then you can breathe a sigh of relief that your turn has come. Bring humour and have fun, please.


2 reviews for Drive Through Body Part Heist

  1. Kat Pocklington (verified owner)

    It was our first drive thru heist and what a fun experience! Great communication from Roz and helpful staff on site. Cant wait for Halloween. Daughter wants to come back for round 2 and see Trevor the cat!

  2. tattoosbycookie (verified owner)

    Well what can I say ,,,this place is amazing!!! We had so much fun !!! The lady who owns mannakin hall is so warm and welcoming too ,,can’t wait to make some art with the “body parts” we got on the heist !!!
    We will defo be back soon
    Thanks again

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