New Beginnings – Online Art Installation


I’ve decided to offer these beautiful maternity mannequins at a very low cost to artists who can transform them into something amazing.

The theme and request is simple, choose a charity close to your heart that does good in the world.

Receive the mannequin, decorate as you wish, with a theme of ‘NEW BEGINNINGS’

Photograph your creation on a white background for our gallery, here on Mannakin.Com, with some info about you and your chosen charity. Send that info to us.

Let’s make this a collaborative burst of energy to send good into the world through mannequins and art.

I’ve made this project into an event. There is no timescale, we need to send good vibes into the world always.

Thank you for your interest in taking part. There will be limited mannequins – approximately 30. There are 2 designs and its first one out of the shed where they are currently stored. We can’t specify which design you will receive, but we will ensure the mannequin is functioning and without damage before sending.

I’d like to feature an online gallery of these creations with them being auctioned for your chosen charity. Plus this is a great opportunity for some PR for you as an artist and for us as a company.

Please note price is a small admin fee and UK shipping.

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