Overnight Photography

£720.00 1 day

Imagine an absolutely bonkers place, in the middle of nowhere.

A mannequin graveyard where thousand of mannequins exist in piles, seated in groups and standing amongst the trees.

This is an incredible opportunity to stay overnight in the mannequin graveyard. Yes it is creepy enough in the day time, but at night it’s a whole new world.

Please read all advisory notes below before booking in.

Image Credit Helen Cherry from her recent overnight shoot.

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  1. You’ll need an off grid, motorcaravan, converted van, car or campervan.
  2. We only accept off grid, motorcaravans or converted vans / cars and campervans. We have no on site accommodation or hospitality.
  3. Water and a compost toilet is about as much as we can manage.
  4. You must reserve and book your spot online, 72 hours before your visit, in advance.
  5. Maximum stay of 1 night in any one booking.
  6. Current restrictions are for a vehicle up to 7.5m in length. This will change as we move mannequins out of the way.
  7. You must LEAVE NO TRACE.
  8. Bring what you need with you.
  9. There is a compost toilet for your use, if caught short.
  10. No EHU, waste disposal, both grey or black. We are on a septic tank and do not have this facility or wish to provide this facility.
  11. No rubbish bins – take your rubbish with you or reuse it.
  12. No firepits, BBQ etc on site. No exceptions.
  13. Definitely no children under 16 years old.
  14. We have very nosey and affectionate cats.
  15. No dogs allowed unless very small, cute and obedient and kept on a lead at all times.
  16. Please be respectful of local residents.
  17. You must arrive between 2-5 pm.
  18. You will definitely have had enough by 12 noon following your stay and you’re advised to vacate by noon following your overnight stay.
  19. One booking is for 1 vehicle.
  20. Do not touch or move mannequins, if you wish to create a set,for filming, get in touch with us first before you book.
  21. Entry is entirely at your own risk. We do not accept responsibility for any pursuasive mannequins.
  22. Don’t feed the mannequins, however endearing they may look, or whatever long winded story they tell you.

These rules subject to revision, please message Roz if you have any questions or ideas for special projects.