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Since Mannakin was born in 2008 we’ve been obsessed with their characters, durability and overwhelmingly concerned that they are not made from bio-degradable materials.

Whilst extensive research throughout our existence into fibre-glass recycling has proved it is nigh on impossible to recycle, we’ve taken a very different approach and that is one of preservation, mending and fixing. This has led us from the beginning of Mannakin to excel in the preservation and restoration of mannequins.

Fibre-glass is a raw material that often finds it’s way into the waste stream and ultimately landfill. For owners of mannequins, this method of disposal is extremely costly and it has never made any sense to us that mannequins should just be put in a bin – out of sight and out of mind.

But their is another way that saves costs whilst still acknowledging creative flair and design – we just need to take care of them, fix them when broken and get them back into active service onto your shop floor.

Our renovation service starts with our assessment of your stock upon which we will provide a realistic quotation to get them to how you want them to look. We can repair and provide spare parts from a variety of top, well known brands and can alter poses as to how you wish.

Please get in touch either via our contact form or telephone on +44 1400 272219 to start the conversation.

As a guideline to pricing, including logistics, IE collection and delivery of one boxed mannequin requiring only a clean up, minor fix and respray in a matt finish – you are looking at just £99 + vat. Typically this service takes just one week.

We can accommodate all kinds of mannequins (regardless of where they were purchased) and will accept any kind of request for different finishes. We do love a challenge!