Plus Sized Steve

Hire from £150.00

What a fantastic specimen Steve is. It’s unusual to find plus sized women, let alone plus sized men, but here we are, we’ve been graced with his presence and we are very happy to have him around.

We don’t know his name, he didn’t tell us when he checked in at Mannakin Hall, but due to a TV appearance in 2023, where Owain called him Steve, the name has just stuck.

Anyway, here are his measurements.

Height 195cm

Chest 112cm

Waist 100cm

Hips 106cm

Being a recycled mannequin and as is usual, they only have a foot peg fitting. This means if he is to model shoes, you will need to make a hole in the shoe to go over the foot peg. Oh and he looks a bit jaundiced, it’s our lighting, he’s actually a matt white..

Total: £ ( days)

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