Registering a UK Ltd Company


Feel confident, with real time legal advice about how you could structure your business and learn the steps to make it real.

A Masterclass with Ray Dolben, Director of Mudd Up Ltd and a Commercial and Contract Lawyer, based in the UK.

This is a zoom recording and a workbook.


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After leaving Malawi and coming back to the UK, after losing ten years of my working life on a business and life that I had no financial control over, my first decision, when creating Mannakin, was to become a Limited Company.

I returned home to England with my tail between my legs. I knew I should’ve had paperwork in the business with my partner at the time, but I never did because I loved and trusted him.

So on my return, armed with knowledge, I was determined to a) set up a business and b) make sure it was a Ltd company. So that no one could take it from me or my children.

Find out how to future proof your business in this Masterclass, led by Ray Dolben, my commercial and contract lawyer.