Make Your Business Famous


As the daughter of a film maker, I’ve been brought up in front of the camera and so when it was time to promote my peculiar mannequin story, I didn’t hesitate to use PR to promote my business.

Since those early days of Mannakin, I have been featured internationally across various TV and Radio stations and numerous digital media.

As well as five minutes of fame, PR, when done correctly, not for the moment but for the future can give you repeatable avenues into your world for the future. It’s an incredible thing to do and places you as a trusted expert in your niche.




Discover my 7 Step Framework for getting prepared and noticed in the media. Whether that be radio, print or TV, my framework will give you the confidence to start to fill your list of accolades with press and features.


I can’t promote myself and my business!

I’d like some PR but no idea how to go about it!

No one will be interested in what I’m doing!

I’m way too nervous to be seen as confident!

Being featured in the media is a privilege, honour and a public acknowledgement of merit. Not only can you show up as the authority in your niche, you will become confidently addicted, to do it again and again. But without a strategy, your efforts and motivation will fade.


This audio course, with downloadable workbook, will give you the basic framework that I use daily that you can rinse and repeat and develop into your own workable strategy, specific to your message. Recorded on audio with a pdf workbook for you to keep and make notes, you can listen in again and again to refine and learn your own method whilst getting on with your day.

In this course, you will discover..

  1. How to use your story to promote your business.
  2. How to boost your confidence with approaching and speaking to the press.
  3. You will learn how to filter media channels so that they work for you and attract your audience.
  4. How to find the right media contacts who will help and listen.
  5. How to get in touch with the media.
  6. Developing a routine for press coverage without overwhelm.
  7. Communication techniques with the press.


Imagine a list of press and features that you and your business has appeared in that not only builds your authority in your niche, but creates references for future journalists to use.

Imagine being seen on TV, with the story of your business, that your customers actually talk about to others.

Imagine looking at your web stats and seeing HUGE jumps in visitors and enquiries.

By learning my 7 Step Framework you can MAKE YOUR BUSINESS FAMOUS, not for just 5 minutes, but for years to come.

I literally live and breathe this framework and have had an enormous amount of press coverage from it.

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