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My first blog, when I started working with the mannequins, I called the Dollywood Times. This is not because of our dear Dolly Parton, but because of the jobs they were getting on TV sets.

At one point I saw myself as their ‘agent’ and therefore my mission was to give them profiles, just like real actors.

Later, when this picture was taken, my team were doing ‘Acorn Antique’ style short films, in which we would cover an initial enquiry for mannequins and then fulfill the order. It was really good fun and they are still on my You Tube channel. Here’s an example of some really amateur attempt at film making and acting combined into one!

My yard now is an amazing location for shoots – described as a ‘photographers paradise’ and you can book in here. We welcome camera clubs and schools / colleges too.

And anyone shooting a horror film – well the visual assault is very much that initial ‘wrong turn’ that is taken in such films, at night, in the rain, looking for a phone to use.

With the biggest feedback so far being ‘I don’t know when to stop taking photos’ from many visiting photographers, I personally guarantee that you would not leave disappointed.

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