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Last night I did an impromptu live broadcast on my Facebook page (Mannakin). Basically I called it ‘Live with wine and paintbrushes’.

The purpose? To eliminate my fears about my own self doubts in front of the camera but also to ask any viewers a question.

I already know from doing the escape game beta testing on Facebook that the lag is appalling and things you say are actually broadcast 30 odd seconds later. It’s like going back to dial up internet!

Anyway, the question I asked was – if you could spend an hour with me, learning something – what would that be?

The question that came up was ‘How do you live so fearlessly?’

In answer I don’t think I do, so it was a great experience to know how I come across. I’m a great advocate of ‘Just Do It’ and this certainly has been keeping me going all these years.

I’m going to do it again next week on Facebook as the chat and banter, enjoying a glass of wine whilst painting an old discarded mannequin was really good fun.

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