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It’s no laughing joke when we think about the waste generated in our world.

It’s like an extreme form of poverty, in my eyes, that you have a thing, you break a thing, you chuck a thing. It doesn’t really matter what it is, you are now without the thing and might possibly have to get another.

What we don’t realise is this costs more money, yes but also more C02 through more manufacturing and transportation across the globe, probably.

Yet we are conditioned to do this, unless we stop, look inside ourselves, feel the guilt and take, quite usually an unprofitable approach to fixing and reusing.

How many of us can actually say, we take a minute to think about the consequences of our actions? I guess if it’s taken away, out of sight and buried somewhere, then why, when we can’t see it anymore, should we even be bothered to think about it?

Is it an emotional thing? Yes absolutely it is, we are human beings with feelings after all. Can there be a solution? I think so, but it really depends upon our individual actions to just do our best.

So what get’s in our way?

  1. Ignorance.
  2. Time constraints.
  3. Budget restraints from hiring quality items.
  4. Apathy.

In my opinion, it will always be a challenge for people to embrace circular instead of linear because of time. You need to slow down, make better decisions and this doesn’t always bode well with fast paced industries such as fashion or media.

I’m dedicated to offering what I like to call a sustainable bank of mannequins and whilst I have many clients who can see the light, there is still a long way to go to convince others. Check out our vast amount of mannequins we have to hire.

My interview with Tom Scott illustrates this beautifully.