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Our Schlappi Collection

These are very beautiful, high end mannequins, manufactured in Italy. We are very lucky to have an amazing collection of them and here is both the official catalogues and our stock levels. These are for hire only.

Current Stock

code qty current colour gender pose
2200.01 1 antique white matt FEMALE
2202.01 1 antique white matt FEMALE
2204.06 1 antique white matt FEMALE
2206.06 1 antique white matt FEMALE
2219.04 1 FEMALE
2222.01 1 FEMALE
2225.02 1 gloss white FEMALE
2226.01 1 antique white matt FEMALE
2226.03 2 FEMALE
3009 1 MALE
3013 2 MALE
3072 1 MALE
22061 1 FEMALE
S22001 2 antique white matt FEMALE

Official 2200-3000 Bonaveri Schlappi Catalogue

Current Schlappi Stock April 2022

Images in zip file also show qty of each, so if 1 in the picture, we have 1, if 3 we have 3.

There are a couple of images there not listed in above table, where we have had genuine Schlappi parts and made up, what we call, Odd Bodds.