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The Recycled, Ethical, Sustainable, Eco-Mannequin

We were recently asked by a client if we stock Environmentally Friendly or Sustainable Mannequins.

We can easily presume that this is a mannequin produced from natural materials which will naturally biodegrade or able to be recycled once it’s life is over. Or perhaps you have a different outlook.

This is possibly unachievable in the true sense – anything manufactured has some element of not being environmentally friendly.

But we have always believed differently.

Our mannequins, to us, are truly Eco. This is because we look after them, we fix them when broken and when they really are ‘kanackered’ we sell bits to artists through our open yard days to create something amazing to enjoy.

We rarely purchase new mannequins for our own requirements – instead we are constantly looking after our own large collection, funded by our wonderful hire clients.

We hope you agree with us that by taking this approach – not only shall you be presented with a quality recycled product for hire or purchase, but that we tick a box for your business to be sustainable.