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Getting Your Brand Online

Starting Out Online

When I first started out online with my mannequin business I went to all sorts of lengths to show them in the right light.

I’d started my business from home and so the kitchen became the designated photographing area.

I’d tied a big bed sheet up to hide the fridge and you know what, it worked. Well it worked in the sense that I had at least images of my mannequins to put online.

But looking back at them, they were not really that good but I’d done them, they were out there and helped my business take off.

These days I have an actual photographing area (it gets repainted white weekly) and use just my smart phone with my favourite filter.

I use my images now for my product listings and social media content but certainly for anything going into the press I would use the services of a really good photographer.

Just having the right tools to begin and an easy to follow format is just great advice when you are starting out online.

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How To Purchase A Mannequin

If you’ve been given the once in a lifetime opportunity to search for a mannequin – what would you consider first? Here are some of my top tips to help newcomers to the world of dollies decide how to purchase a mannequin.

What do you need a mannequin for?

There are a variety of mannequins available, from cheap and cheerful and fit for just a few uses to those that stand the test of time. Therefore, before you rush out and buy one – think about what you will need it to do.

There are more than 101 uses for mannequins but it’s worth understanding how many pennies you will need to part with as the majority of us have no choice but to purchase according to budget.

A cheap £30 job off the Internet probably comes with 30 days of use before it ends up like a disfunctional robot. Seriously. The fittings on the cheaper ones are not that good.

You can purchase a mid range, good quality one for around £300 all in. Or a good quality used one can set you back about £100.

So if you want your mannequin to have any kind of longevity, you are better off investing a bit more money (in some cases quite a lot) to ensure that the mannequin has the durability to be undressed and redressed month after month – even years.

When do you need the mannequin to arrive?

Whilst you might think this is an odd thing to consider – in the world of mannequins it is rarely next day delivery if we are going for something that will last so it is worth planning your purchase in advance. This is because the process of taking mannequin design to production is extremely involving and takes months.

But I’m assuming your are a newcomer to my world so you will be wanting just one or two in quick time so again I urge you not to purchase those cheap ones online – with faces that look like they have been on the disco biscuits and so my range (own trumpet blown) of male and female mannequins – mid range new and good quality used ones – will probably suit your needs.

Which type should I choose?

This comes down to what you will be needing to display and this is where I can really help you with some free advice. Once you start to look into the world of mannequins – perhaps something you pass and see each day – you will be surprised at all the different kinds. Please do feel free to get in touch so that I can help you.

Is there such a thing as a recycled mannequin?

Yes there is! My ethos totally thrives on recycling mannequins and sustaining and keeping good the mannequins I already own which are available to hire.  Fortunately I do also supply a fantastic range of ex-hire mannequins for sale. All mannequins are recyclable because of the nature of their raw material – it does not biodegrade.

There are processes for recycling the materials that mannequins are made of – grinding them down to incorporate in construction materials for example and this is not a new thing. I have spent years looking into this but prefer to eliminate what I see as an unnecessary toxic process and choose instead to work artistically and creatively with people to turn them into something else. Much more fun.

Where can I get the best advice about buying a mannequin?

Well if I didn’t say via our contact form then I would be lying through my teeth. I have years of experience and so many mannequins pass through my hands each week. I am always happy to chat and see where I can help you best.


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How To Use Our Mannequin Hire Service

We work hard to provide an outstanding service to you when you request mannequins for your events. It begins with us understanding what you need and when you need them.

To choose what mannequins you may wish to use – use this link to choose your mannequins to hire. You can add the mannequins to a formal quote and let us know about the logistics of getting them to you and collecting them back again.

We deliver all over the UK & Ireland.


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Our Privacy Notice

Who Are We?

Mannakin Ltd
Dollywood, Brant Road, Fulbeck Lowfields, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 3JD.
Company Reg: 6504228 VAT Reg No: 926558492 Telephone 01400 272219 / 07757513584

We own a number of domains in relation to our business. Each one of those domains has a copy of this privacy notice.

What Data Do We Collect?

We are collecting from you the following data in order to help serve you:

  • Name, invoicing address, shipping address, telephone numbers including landlines and mobiles.
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  • In the case of payment card information, this is collected from you with your consent to pay for our goods and services. Once your order is complete, this information is destroyed.

What’s The Legal Basis For Data Processing?

We need the information from you in order to facilitate your requests from our website forms, emails and telephone conversations.

Will We Share Data With 3rd Parties?

No. We never sell or buy data. It is against our principles of our online experiences, spanning 18 years in digital communications.

How Will You Use Our Information?

The information you provide will be used to facilitate your requests and that mainly means communications regarding your orders and our periodic newsletters. We may email you to say hello.

How Long Will You Store My Data?

Once your requests are complete, we will keep your contact data for as long as you continue to do business with us or agree to us sending our periodic newsletters. This will include details of past orders.

What Rights Do I Have As Your Data Subject?

You have the right to request the data we keep on file for you. You have the right to unsubscribe from our periodic newsletters.

How Can I Contact You About This Privacy Policy?

We hope this won’t be necessary, but our Data Compliance Desk can be reached via or by calling 01400 272219.


*Updated 23/4/2018 and subject to constant review as necessary.