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Mannequins For Sale

When searching for a mannequin to buy – what should you consider first? Here are our top 5 tips to help you decide how to purchase a mannequin.

1. What do you need a mannequin for?

There are a variety of mannequins available, from cheap and cheerful and fit for just a few uses to those that stand the test of time. Therefore, before you buy something – think about what you will need it to do. A cheap £30 job off the Internet probably comes with poor reviews and likely to end up in landfill within a month – might be good because it is cheap. But if you want your mannequin to have any kind of longevity, you are better off investing a bit more money (in some cases quite a lot) to ensure that the mannequin has the durability to be undressed and redressed month after month – even years.

2. When do you need the mannequin to arrive?

Most outlets provide the quick next day option – but if you want quality – you can be waiting for up to 3 months, depending on where the mannequin is being manufactured.

3. Which type should I choose?

This really depends on budget as the fuller bodies will cost more than the ‘body on a stick’. Once you actually start to look at all the types of mannequins – you will be suprised at just how many there are. Our mannequin hire catalogue is a good place to start, if only to learn about the different kinds.

4. Is there such a thing as a recycled mannequin?

Yes there is! Our ethos totally thrives on recycling mannequins and sustaining and keeping good the mannequins we (mainly) hire. But we also supply a fantastic range of ex-hire mannequins for sale. All mannequins are recycleable because of the nature of their raw material – it does not biodegrade. If you are throwing any mannequins out in the trash – best think again – just like we all are now with all our ‘rubbish’.

5. Where can I get the best advice about buying a mannequin?

Well if we didn’t say via our contact form then we would be lying through our teeth. We have years of experience and so many mannequins pass through our hands each week. We are always happy to chat and see where we can help you best.


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How To Use Our Mannequin Hire Service

We work hard to provide an outstanding service to you when you request mannequins for your events. It begins with us understanding what you need and when you need them.

To choose what mannequins you may wish to use – use this link to choose your mannequins to hire. You can add the mannequins to a formal quote and let us know about the logistics of getting them to you and collecting them back again.

We deliver all over the UK & Ireland.


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Our Privacy Notice

Who Are We?

Mannakin Ltd
Dollywood, Brant Road, Fulbeck Lowfields, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 3JD.
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What Data Do We Collect?

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What’s The Legal Basis For Data Processing?

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Will We Share Data With 3rd Parties?

No. We never sell or buy data. It is against our principles of our online experiences, spanning 18 years in digital communications.

How Will You Use Our Information?

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How Long Will You Store My Data?

Once your requests are complete, we will keep your contact data for as long as you continue to do business with us or agree to us sending our periodic newsletters. This will include details of past orders.

What Rights Do I Have As Your Data Subject?

You have the right to request the data we keep on file for you. You have the right to unsubscribe from our periodic newsletters.

How Can I Contact You About This Privacy Policy?

We hope this won’t be necessary, but our Data Compliance Desk can be reached via or by calling 01400 272219.


*Updated 23/4/2018 and subject to constant review as necessary.

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Assembling The Mannequins

On opening the box you will find several body parts. But look first for the stand and assemble the foot peg onto the glass, wooden or metal base plate. Most mannequins come with calf pegs and can wear shoes. This normally slides over the foot peg and fixes into the back of the ‘big leg’. This is the body part that houses the hole for the foot peg to go into. To enable balance, it usually carries the whole pelvis area too.

Some mannequins (such as straight stood poses) have both legs and pelvis joined together. The big leg and the little leg are the next items you need. Turn both upside down, exposing the lock and pin fixing at the top of the ‘missing’ leg. Put the little leg in place as it would be if completely on. Turn it flat so that the pin drops, then turn it back into place. Turning the legs right way up will enable you to place it on the stand. There is a hole in the bottom of the ‘big leg’ foot and you can put the mannequin legs on here. If they are wearing shoes, slide the calf peg over the foot peg and secure. There is a hole on the back of the calf of the ‘big leg’ and the top of the calf peg goes into this hole. Please don’t twist and turn the mannequin onto the stand otherwise the leg can crack. They are surprisingly fragile in the wrong hands! If you are dressing as you assemble, prior to putting the mannequin on the stand, is a good time to put on trousers or skirts.

The next fitting up is either another lock and pin or an ice cream cone which screws in. Once this has been identified the torso can go onto the legs, again put the body on as it will be when fixed, then turn it so that the pin drops and then turn the body to sit correctly. Now is a good time for putting clothes on the mannequins body.

Arms and hands should be quite straight forward, but if your mannequin is already dressed on top, you can thread the arms through the sleeves – either way will work – either up through or down into the sleeves.

If you have any concerns, please call a member of our team on 01400 272219. We will then talk you through it and help you deal with any problem accordingly.