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Mannequin Collection

Depending on what we have agreed for your order, you can expect the following…

  1. If collecting via APC, we advise that the mannequins must be boxed and ready on the chosen day of collection from 9am. The most likely time for them to come is around lunchtime, but depending on your location, if they are passing earlier, then you’d do well to have them ready. Depending on location and traffic though, they could be as late as 5pm, sometimes later, we’ve known it to happen, but it is rare that they’ve not picked up by about 3 or 4pm.
  2. If it’s our own van collecting, then Mark will be there when he says he will be there.

If you have any urgent questions or concerns, please call 07757513584.

If you need to change the collection details, this will incur a small charge, but it can be done if we know a good 24hrs in advance. In this case, please email on

Lady Stephanie Walker