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When I first started out online with my mannequin business I went to all sorts of lengths to show them in the right light.

I’d started my business from home and so the kitchen became the designated photographing area.

I’d tied a big bed sheet up to hide the fridge and you know what, it worked. Well it worked in the sense that I had at least images of my mannequins to put online.

But looking back at them, they were not really that good but I’d done them, they were out there and helped my business take off.

These days I have an actual photographing area (it gets repainted white weekly) and use just my smart phone with my favourite filter.

I use my images now for my product listings and social media content but certainly for anything going into the press I would use the services of a really good photographer.

Just having the right tools to begin and an easy to follow format is just great advice when you are starting out online.