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How To Purchase A Mannequin

If you’ve been given the once in a lifetime opportunity to search for a mannequin – what would you consider first? Here are some of my top tips to help newcomers to the world of dollies decide how to purchase a mannequin.

What do you need a mannequin for?

There are a variety of mannequins available, from cheap and cheerful and fit for just a few uses to those that stand the test of time. Therefore, before you rush out and buy one – think about what you will need it to do.

There are more than 101 uses for mannequins but it’s worth understanding how many pennies you will need to part with as the majority of us have no choice but to purchase according to budget.

A cheap £30 job off the Internet probably comes with 30 days of use before it ends up like a disfunctional robot. Seriously. The fittings on the cheaper ones are not that good.

You can purchase a mid range, good quality one for around £300 all in. Or a good quality used one can set you back about £100.

So if you want your mannequin to have any kind of longevity, you are better off investing a bit more money (in some cases quite a lot) to ensure that the mannequin has the durability to be undressed and redressed month after month – even years.

When do you need the mannequin to arrive?

Whilst you might think this is an odd thing to consider – in the world of mannequins it is rarely next day delivery if we are going for something that will last so it is worth planning your purchase in advance. This is because the process of taking mannequin design to production is extremely involving and takes months.

But I’m assuming your are a newcomer to my world so you will be wanting just one or two in quick time so again I urge you not to purchase those cheap ones online – with faces that look like they have been on the disco biscuits and so my range (own trumpet blown) of male and female mannequins – mid range new and good quality used ones – will probably suit your needs.

Which type should I choose?

This comes down to what you will be needing to display and this is where I can really help you with some free advice. Once you start to look into the world of mannequins – perhaps something you pass and see each day – you will be surprised at all the different kinds. Please do feel free to get in touch so that I can help you.

Is there such a thing as a recycled mannequin?

Yes there is! My ethos totally thrives on recycling mannequins and sustaining and keeping good the mannequins I already own which are available to hire.  Fortunately I do also supply a fantastic range of ex-hire mannequins for sale. All mannequins are recyclable because of the nature of their raw material – it does not biodegrade.

There are processes for recycling the materials that mannequins are made of – grinding them down to incorporate in construction materials for example and this is not a new thing. I have spent years looking into this but prefer to eliminate what I see as an unnecessary toxic process and choose instead to work artistically and creatively with people to turn them into something else. Much more fun.

Where can I get the best advice about buying a mannequin?

Well if I didn’t say via our contact form then I would be lying through my teeth. I have years of experience and so many mannequins pass through my hands each week. I am always happy to chat and see where I can help you best.