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Packing The Mannequins

When packing the mannequins in the original boxes for their return journey it is important that they don’t move in the box once sealed. When you open the box, you will notice what we call pillows, a bag of recycled cardboard pieces that protect the mannequin in transit and fill the spaces in the box. We use bubble wrap to wrap each limb in, taking particular care with hands and faces. To avoid any damage during transit, especially if the box is dropped on its end, it is important that every piece is wrapped carefully as the shock waves that go through the box can damage the mannequin inside.

In particular, the cones that join the legs to the torso are actually removable as you will know this as when you unpacked the mannequin, you had to screw it in place. Not all mannequins have this but if they do, we place a red lettered warning sticker, telling you to remove it when packing. If this is left in, the shock of a box drop pushes this cone down into the mannequins legs and this is not fixable. It is probably the one reason why we would have to charge you in full for a replacement mannequin.

But this can be avoided. Here are the top tips.

  1. Allow enough time to package the mannequins in their original packaging. Damages occur during breakdowns of events, when time is tight.
  2. Ensure each limb is separated and wrapped in bubble wrap – removing the screw in cone at the top of the legs if it is there. (not all mannequins have removable ones but this will be obvious rather than absent).
  3. Allow some packaging – probably bubble wrap at the bottom of the box.
  4. Wrap up the stand, particularly the peg – if the calf peg was used, remove that and place wrapped in the box. If the calf peg wasn’t used, please ensure it is back in the box.
  5. Place big leg, torso with face looking inside the box, little leg and arms.
  6. Ensure the hands are wrapped and not near the ends of the box. You can leave the hands on the arms.
  7. Make sure it is all wrapped and the items will not move when the box is placed on its end.
  8. Seal the box.
  9. The collecting couriers will place the lables on the boxes.

If you have any questions, please email at your earliest convenience or call 07757513584.

Lady Stephanie Walker