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In an era where sustainability is paramount, the practice of recycling and repurposing is crucial. At Mannakin, we’re leading the way in the retail industry, transforming salvaged mannequins into valuable assets of the future.

Our salvaged mannequins embark on an exciting journey. Some are reintroduced into our mannequin hire catalogue, ready to enhance pop up displays and events. Others are sold to new homes, where they continue to serve in different capacities. The most intriguing destination is our unique Mannequin Mountain, a haven for artists and enthusiasts seeking mannequin parts for their creative projects.

The process of salvaging a mannequin is meticulous. Each mannequin is carefully inspected and restored, ensuring all parts are functional. They are then repainted, photographed, and sent off to their new homes, reducing the need for new mannequin production.

Creative minds are the life force when it comes to repurposing our mannequins. From innovative lighting projects to unique planters, the possibilities are endless. The hollow nature of these mannequins lends itself to a myriad of uses, showcasing the versatility of salvaged mannequins.

The benefits of using salvaged mannequins extend beyond their aesthetic appeal. From a sustainability perspective, reusing these mannequins significantly reduces carbon emissions associated with manufacturing and transporting new ones. It’s a win for mannequin users and a win for the environment.

One notable success story is the London Design Museum, which exclusively used our salvaged mannequins for The Off Beat Sari exhibition. This exhibition is set to travel the world, showcasing the beauty of Saris and the versatility of salvaged mannequins.

Despite their potential, salvaged mannequins are often misunderstood. Many believe they are no longer viable for their original purpose due to wear and tear. While it’s true that not all salvaged mannequins can be restored to their original function, their parts can still serve a purpose. Whether it’s a torso turned planter or a limb transformed into a lamp, every part of a mannequin can be repurposed in a meaningful way.

At Mannakin, we’re committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainability in the retail industry. We receive around 1000 mannequins a month that would otherwise end up in landfill. Retailers, large and small, are welcome to get in touch with us to learn more about our mannequin recycling and repurposing services.

Old mannequins are more than just discarded retail fixtures. They are symbols of sustainability, creativity, and resilience. At Mannakin, we’re proud to have pioneered this process, giving them a new lease on life and helping to create a more sustainable future for the retail industry.

To learn more, download our Guide to Mannakin to get started in our fascinating world.

Roz Edwards