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Mannakin believes in sustainability and creativity. That’s why we like to highlight our unique initiative to salvage mannequins that are no longer used in retail, diverting them from landfill and offering them a second life. These mannequins, each with their own story, are now available for purchase via our Salvage Sale.

Our salvaged mannequins come in all shapes and sizes, from full figures to individual body parts. They offer a unique opportunity for artists, set decorators, and anyone with a creative vision. Many of our customers use these mannequins as blank canvases for artistic creations, transforming them into unique pieces of art. Others have found them to be the perfect addition to their Halloween garden decorations, adding a touch of whimsy and intrigue.

One of the most popular offerings in our Salvage Sale is the Body Part Heist. Customers can spend 15 minutes filling their car with mannequin body parts, creating a collection that’s as unique as they are. The Body Part Heist has been a hit with our customers, with many commenting on how much fun they’ve had visiting Mannakin Hall and partaking in this unique experience.

Purchasing from our Salvage Sale is easy. We list many individual pieces for sale on our website,, that can be purchased online. We also have special shop opening days for those who prefer to browse in person. (See our Facebook Page for upcoming events). And of course, anyone can book in for the Body Part Heist.

Mannakin is proud to give these mannequins a second life, and we’re excited to see the creative ways in which they’re repurposed. So why not explore our Salvage Sale and see what unique finds await?